Wax Blends

We are one of the noted Wax Blends Manufacturers and Suppliers based in India. We make available our wax blends with different levels of blending consistencies such as soft, medium and hard. These are used for making different types of candles such as pillar, votive and other types of molded candles. The series of homopolymers have very useful physical and chemical characteristics making them compatible with a broad spectrum of other waxes and upgrading the features of other types, notibly, paraffin wax. These benefits are frequently secured at low addition levels without modifying the other positive features of the paraffin.

A CP homopolymer blended at a level of 3 - 5% into a paraffin wax will significantly boost the softening point and hardness of the latter without having any detrimental effect upon the melt viscosity. These advantages are of value in the modification of paraffin wax for a number of applications such as have already been outlined but also in the formulation of crayons and candles.

To summarize, the benefits which may accrue are:

  • Boosting of softening point and hardness
  • Low melt viscosity maintained
  • Gloss and opacity
  • Improved mold release features

As one of the reliable wax products manufacturers, we make sure that there are minimal chances of impurities at buyer’s end. We also provide Wax Blends in quality packaging material to ensure complete safety of the products during storage, handling and transit. Buyers can place bulk orders of these blends with us and we provide the same at very affordable rates. As we maintain a streamlined inventory system, we are capable of meeting the urgent requirements of the clients with ease. Also, we ensure timely delivery of the orders as we are backed with modern transit facilities.