PVC Compounds Suppliers

One of the renowned plastic additives and CP-WAX Polyethlene Homopolymer Wax manufacturers and suppliers, we have been serving retail and bulk product demands of the PVC compounds suppliers and manufacturers across different sectors. Our plastic additives and wax can be mixed with the PVC compounds to enhance its quality and make it stronger and more durable. The demand of our wax has increased over the years in different industries like wires & cables, pipes & fittings, footwear, etc. By mixing our wax in their products, the PVC compounds manufacturers can make sure that their products have the required density, which is usually higher than the regular plastic compounds.

Our wax enhances the heat stability, lubrication, and other properties of the PVC compound so that it can be easily molded into the desired end product. Moreover, our wax also helps the PVC compounds manufacturers to make their products resistant to different types of corrosions that can be caused by chemicals. Our offerings adhere to the highest norms of the industry and follow all measures to ensure quality. This wax can be used for the purpose of enhancing the features of PVC compounds. It makes the compounds resistant to high fire, lowers the smoke emission, and even adds to its tensile strength. The entire product array is prepared at our own facility keeping the demands of the buyers in notice. Our commitment to total quality management has helped us in mustering a huge client base. Being a customer-focused wax manufacturer and supplier for PVC compounds, we process standard and bespoke product development as per the needs of the clients. So, contact us anytime.