Cosmic Petrochem Pvt. Ltd. is bracketed with renowned manufacturers of HDPE/PE (Polyethylene) wax used in the production and processing of a variety of industrial products. Our product is a superior grade non-oxidized, non-polar polyethylene wax formulated by a distillation process to enhance the properties of the product and produce PVC Compounds & PE wax in different grades. Our Polyethylene Homopolymer Wax is highly appreciated for its amazing properties and is widely in demand amongst customers.

Available in varied grades and specifications HDPE/PE wax is fully saturated homopolymers of ethylene that has a high degree of linearity and crystalline. The distilled grades are highly refined waxes having narrow molecular weight distributions and narrow melt distributions. Hence, HDPE/PE wax is suitable for enhancing the quality of Petroleum Wax Blends, Plastic Additives, and many other Wax Blends. Furthermore, HDPE/PE wax finds application in the processing of different types of products. Manufactured using the latest machines and technologies, the HDPE/PE wax has low melt viscosities and is hard, even at elevated temperatures. Because HDPE/PE wax is fully saturated, it exhibits excellent heat stability and resistance to chemical attack.

Cosmic Petrochem manufacture two product