Cosmic Petrochem Pvt. Ltd. is bracketed with renowned manufacturers of HDPE/PE (Polyethylene) wax used in the production and processing of a variety of industrial products. Our product is a superior grade non-oxidized, non-polar polyethylene wax formulated by a distillation process to enhance the properties of the product and produce PVC Compounds & PE wax in different grades. Our Polyethylene Homopolymer Wax is highly appreciated for its amazing properties and is widely in demand amongst customers.

Available in varied grades and specifications HDPE/PE wax is fully saturated homopolymers of ethylene that has a high degree of linearity and crystalline. The distilled grades are highly refined waxes having narrow molecular weight distributions and narrow melt distributions. Hence, HDPE/PE wax is suitable for enhancing the quality of Petroleum Wax Blends, Plastic Additives, and many other Wax Blends. Furthermore, HDPE/PE wax finds application in the processing of different types of products. Manufactured using the latest machines and technologies, the HDPE/PE wax has low melt viscosities and is hard, even at elevated temperatures. Because HDPE/PE wax is fully saturated, it exhibits excellent heat stability and resistance to chemical attack.

More About The Wax

Our proprietary manufacturing process yields materials that provide benefits that are unique and quite distinct from other synthetic or petroleum based waxes. The manufacturing process can be controlled to the extent that the molecular weight and molecular weight distribution are consistently achieved.

Features Benefits
High Crystalline Low solubllity in solvents
Hardness at elevated temperatures
Oil thickening capability
Controlled molecular weight
and narrow poly disparity
Formulating flexibility
Low melt viscosity
Narrow melt range
Fully linear and fully saturated Resistance to chemical attack
Excellent heat stabillty

CP-WAX Polyethlene Homopolymer Wax : Refined (Distilled) Type

Product Name Form Viscosity at
140 °C*
(Cst) ASTM
D 3236
Density (g/cm3) ASTM C
point (°C)
ASTM D 3954
hardness (dmm @ 5 Secs
at 23) ASTM D
CP 700 Flakes Below 30 0.93-0.94 111+/- 1 6-8 Filler master batch One Pack Stabilizer Rigid PVC Pipes - FDA compliance
- High melting and softening point
- Low viscosity
- Excellent head resistance & thermal stability
- High hardness level
- Excellent chemical resistance
- Excellent compatbility with other waxes
- Excellent lubrication
CP 300 Flakes Below 50 0.93-0.94 114+/- 1 3-4 Hot Melt Adhesive One Pack Stabilzer PVC Pipes
CP 300 Plus Flakes Above 80 0.93-0.94 115+/- 1 3-4 Colour Masterbatch
CP 400 Prills Less than 50 0.91-0.94 112+/- 1 5-6 PVC Pipe One Pack Stabilizer Road Marking Paint PVC Cable Compounding
CP 500 Prills Less than 25 0.91-0.94 115+/- 1 3-4

CP-WAX Polyethlene Homopolymer Wax : Non-Refined Type

Product Name Form Viscosity at 140 °C* (Cst) ASTM D 3236 Density (g/cm3) ASTM C 693 Dropping point (°C) ASTM D 3954 Penetration hardness (dmm @ 5 Secs at 23) ASTM D 1321 Recommended Applications Key Characteristics
CP 100 Flakes Less than 100 0.91-0.94 109+/- 1 >8 PP Filler MasterBatch None

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