Miscellaneous Uses

CP-WAX polyethylenes have been used as performance additives in a wide of industrial applications.

Ink, Imaging And Coating

Highly attractive results have been observed in ink, coating and digital imaging applications after the addition of CP-WAX polyethylenes at low concentrations:

  • Improved rub and mar resistance and slip characteristics may be secured by addition of 0.5 to 2% micronized CP-WAX polyethylenes to lithographic and flexographic inks.
  • Improved flattening that is not subject to over-grinding may be obtained using CP-WAX polyethylene concentrations of about3%.
  • Its excellent resistance to solvents, micronized CP-WAX has been used to provide excellent slip and rub properties in highly aggressive solvent systems such as publications gravure printing systems.
  • Improved slip characteristics may be achieved in stir-in ink applications where CP-WAX polyethylenes can be used as substitutes for PTFE.
  • In dry toner applications CP-WAX polyethlenes act as anti-offset agents when applied via heat fixation, or softening point modefiers when applied via pressure fixation.
  • Their hardness and narrow melt distribution, CP-WAX polyethylenes are used as performance enhancing additives in thermal transfer ink and hot melt ink-jet applications.
  • CP-WAX polythlenes have improved the leveling and slip of polyester power coatings at concentrations of 0.75to2%.

Hot Melt Adhesives and Coatings

CP-WAX polyethylenes have been used to enhance the properties of hot melt adhesives:

  • It can be used to lower the viscosity of hot melt formulations and, at the same time, increase the softening point.
  • It can cause a seeding effect in the hot melt formulations causing crystallization of the adhesive on the substrate to occur more readily.
  • It can be used at low concentrations to significantly raise the solidification point of a hot melt formulation.
  • CP-WAX polyethlenes are a performance ingredient in temporary and permanent anti-corrosion hot melt dip coatings for automobile applications.

Phase Change Materials

The exceptional thermal properties of CP-WAX polyethylenes may be exploited in a number of ways:

  • Their precise melt point and narrow melt distribution, CP-WAX polyethylenes are used as the performance ingredient in the manufacture of automotive thermostats.
  • The relatively high heat of fusion of CP-WAX polythylenes leads to their being most useful in the production of food warming jackets.

Cable Fill Compounds

  • CP-WAX ployethylenes are used as the performance additive in high sag point polyisobutene-based cable fill compounds for fibre opitc cables.
  • CP-WAX polyethylenes exhibit efficacy in mineral oil and petrolatum-based cable fill compounds, having outstanding properties with regard to oil bleed and dimensional stability.