Plastic Additive

Cosmic Petrochem Pvt. Ltd. is one of the responsive and responsible manufacturers of HDPE/PE (Polyethylene) wax used for enhancing the quality of Plastic Additive. As of today, our company caters to numerous Plastic Additive Manufacturers in India. In addition, we are engaged in formulation of our product for Plastic Additive Suppliers in India. Since inception, our company has cemented its position in the Plastic Additive Industry by providing superior grade Polyethylene Wax compatible with Polyolefin Polymers and suitable for altering a variety of Plastic Additives.

By blending HDPE/PE (Polyethylene) wax the melting point of Polyolefin Polymers can be raised, which has a positive impact on the flow characteristics. As we are one of the trusted Plastic Additive Suppliers and Plastic Additive Manufacturers In India, we make available optimum quality products at the most competitive rates.

Courtesy the high crystalline nature of HDPE/PE (Polyethylene) wax, It does not migrate easily. Other key features that HDPE/PE (Polyethylene) wax enhances in plastic additives is thermal stability, high melting and softening point, low viscosity, excellent heat and chemical resistance. Our PE Wax is a useful product in enhancing plastic Additives as it is compatible with a broad range of other waxes. Besides Plastic Additives, our premium Polyethylene Wax is utilized in the making of thermoplastic road markings, color concentrates, hot melt adhesives, PVC, etc. The HDPE/PE (Polyethylene) wax is applied as a lubricant for the processing of PVC as well as polyolefin masterbatch.

Buyers can purchase HDPE/PE (Polyethylene) wax for their production of Plastic Additives in wholesale from us. We have an ultramodern manufacturing unit and a state-of-the-art warehouse to produce and stock the wax in bulk and cater to manufacturers and suppliers of Plastic Additives. The wax is stored in a controlled environment and packaged in suitable containers so that it does not get contaminated and reach destinations safely. We are one of the recognized Plastic Additive Manufacturers and Plastic Additive Suppliers in India.