Passionate and committed, the Cosmic Management brings together a dynamic team of engineering, business, and social visionaries who provide direction to Cosmic Managers in a vibrant economic and business environment.

The Management consists of senior officials including all active founders, along with members who are high achievers in the business and society.

Manjit Bansal

Manjit Bansal is a veteran with more than 35 years of business acumen. His perspicacity in the field of manufacturing has led each business spearheaded by him, a success. He started his journey in 1976 with the manufacturing of wheat threshers in Punjab. 1987 saw him pursuing the import of timber from overseas lands. He then formed a company by the name of J V Steel Traders in 1995 that specializes in trading in M.S Steel as its forte. Thereafter he formed a company by the name of J V Steel Tube for manufacturing pipes and tubes & Bansal Processing House for processing the steel.

Putting all his business ingenuity and discernment in to play, he bought a sick unit by the name of Window Magic in 2006. Through his insight and prowess, he turned this unit in to a leading brand that manufacturers uPVC products – Doors and Windows. The brand gets its know-how and technology from the Profine Group, the world’s largest manufacturers of UPVC profiles operating under the brand name of Kommerling. Not content with expanding thus, he launched in 2012 another company by the name of Cosmic Petrochem Pvt. Ltd. that manufactures HDPE Wax that finds myriad industrial uses.

Manjit Bansal is a true visionary and continues to lead and pave the way for the younger generation in the field of business.

Kapil Maggu

With simplicity and his vision to achieve milestones, Mr. Kapil Maggu is an incredibly successful Entrepreneur today. With 10 years of experience in chemical manufacturing, Mr. Maggu is now actively involved in the core functions of Cosmic Petrochem. Under his stewardship, all the commercial systems and processes work seamlessly to ensure that all other functions within the organization operate at optimal level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Seema Bansal

Seema Bansal is the flag bearer of promotional operations. She is a visionary individual that bears a sturdy knowledge of the business campaign acumen. Owing to her upper hand in managing promotions and diligence, Cosmic Petrochem has upscaled its outreach. Her association with Cosmic Petrochem and unexceptional contributions are highly lauded. Besides being associated with Cosmic Petrochem, Ms. Bansal also lends her brilliance and specialised knowledge to 'Window Magic India Pvt. Ltd.'

Vinit Goyal

With the work experience of more than 10 years in the wax/petrochem industry, Mr. Vinit Goyal has been an active participant since the establishment of Cosmic Petrochem Pvt. Ltd. After graduating from Delhi University, Mr. Vinit Goyal had a strong desire to do something different. With his profound knowledge and diligence, he contributed a major part of career in setting up two PE wax plants in India. He has been associated with Cosmic since 2012.