Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

Road markings are used to represent traffic path and lateral clearance from traffic hazard for smooth movement of vehicles. In addition to this, marking paint serves as a tool that controls and renders information to road users. If you are seeking a reliable trade partner for buying a wax that can enhance the quality of your thermoplastic road marking paint, we have the right product for you. The CP-WAX Polyethlene Homopolymer Wax that we are offering has some unique characteristics, which when mixed with road marking paint, add numerous positive attributes like higher reflective finish, smoother texture, better viscosity, etc. You can also add a precise quantity of this wax into your marking paint to make sure it is able to bear the abrasion directed towards it by the moving vehicles on the road.

Our wax can be mixed in the right proportions with the hot melt thermoplastic road marking paint to ensure they stay on the road for a longer time and do not wear off. If you are looking for a magical wax for your road marking paint, feel free to contact us. Our wax gives your road marking paint a thick coating. It also makes it wear resistant for greater durability. The brightness and reflective effect of the road marking for higher visual visibility also increase when you add this wax to it. Buyers can place orders for procuring it in retail or bulk quantities from us. We undertake requirements concerning tailored packaging and private labeling. With us, on-time and doorstep shipments are assured. So, place orders now.