Petroleum Wax Blends

Cosmic Petrochem Pvt. Ltd. is one of the eminent manufacturers of premium HDPE/PE wax widely used by Petroleum Wax Blends Manufacturers. We are engaged in offering a variety of wax synthesized as per specifications given by our patrons. Our product is used to enhance quality of a wide array of wax blends. For instance, the softening point and hardness of paraffin wax can be improved by blending it with PE Wax at a level of 3-5%. Our product does not interfere with other positive features of paraffin. Our product is widely used to improve Petroleum Wax Blends. We are counted amid the well-known Polyethylene Wax Manufacturers and Polyethylene Wax Suppliers in India. Our Polyethylene Wax is appreciated for its excellent quality and amazing properties.

Furthermore, PE Wax, when blended with paraffin wax, allows it to become suitable for fabrication of varied crayons and candles. With PE Wax numerous positive attributes like improved gloss, better opacity, enhanced mold release and low melt viscosity etc. can be achieved in Petroleum Wax Blends. The wax is used for the production of varied wax blends to provide them with better external lubrication as well as help in the dispersion.

We guarantee our superior grade Polyethylene Wax is formulated using an exemplary proprietary process based on molecular distillation technology. The molecular weight and the weight distribution are attained on a consistent basis through our manufacturing process. Wax Suppliers can purchase PE Wax in the form of prills and flakes produced in accordance with industry standards to ensure pure composition.

Over the years, our company has established a state-of-the-art infrastructure to produce HDPE/PE (Polyethylene) wax for making blends of superior quality. Buyers can contact us for our products any time of the year and place bulk orders as we have a robust warehousing facility to store massive amount quantities of our products in appropriate conditions. We promise to make timely delivery of products in a safe and quick manner. Furthermore, we offer products at market leading prices.