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Company Profile

Cosmic is a customer driven manufacturer of wax products, Polyethylene Wax, PE Wax and specialty additives for a wide range of industries. The products produced by the company are special products which are important ingredients for: PVC Stabilizers, Master Batches, Floor Finishes, Graphic Arts Coatings & inks, Furniture Polishes, Cleaners, Paints, Industrial Coating, Synthetics Products, Textiles and Industrial compounds.

Equipped with the state of art technology, Cosmic Petrochem is headed by entrepreneurs, technocrats and quality conscious personalities, who add new enthusiasm to each and every professional who strides along, to see and make sure that only the best reaches the buyers.

Our technical team can help and assist in selecting the right Cosmic Product you need to modify the surface properties including adhesion, rub resistance, slip, anti-blocking, surface tension, release or water resistance of your coating. If one of our standard products does not meet your requirements we will custom formulate a product to meet your needs.